Our Quality Assurance Approach

Our customers can rely on the impeccable quality of our services. Uncompromising quality is essential to every level of service we provide.

Along with the intent to achieve an above average standard of workmanship, our Quality Assurance Management approach focuses on consistently delivering results our customers expect.

AAS' Quality Program is approved not only by Transport Canada (TCCA) but also by European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). We are proud of maintaining both Canadian and European level certification and being able to provide our customers with dual Authorized Release Certification on aircraft components.

AAS' Quality Program and continuous improvement program has proven it's effectiveness in maintaining a level of quality demanded in the aviation industry today.

Company Audits

We welcome customers to perform company audits and take note of the benefit and value that our quality standards can add to your company.

Our Certificates and Approvals
For further information about our Quality Program, please contact us.

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